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by Ekaterini Kakouri

Welcome to a world unlike anything before!

       based  on  the book  Are you lost my little one?  by  Ekaterini  Kakouri

CYCLADIA is an animated TV series for children and adults that love adventure, mystery and joy.

The show centers around the imaginary island of CYCLADIA, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, a living land made of soil, water, air and fire. Those four elements interact with and accompany little PHOEBE and her fellowship on a journey to discover themselves through nature.


CYCLADIA is a place where the natural environment, the Arts and the Sciences serve as a field to carve the charisma given to PHOEBE and her fellowship by CYCLADIA. A gift they need to practice or will be lost forever.


The relationships among the characters are tested when CYCLADIA sends a baby goat with disabilities, a symbol of people with Down Syndrome. When again the characters manage to overcome the obstacles and coexist in harmony, generous CYCLADIA reveals them the center of the earth, located inside a volcano, and with it, the elements every form of life is made of.


The aim of the CYCLADIA project is for PHOEBE, ALTO, the baby goat NIKIPHOROS and the rest of the gang, to accompany the current and the future generations on their personal journey, and be compass of light and joy in the dark times we live in.


CYCLADIA is an imaginary circular island, inspired by the island group Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. The name refers to the island around (“cyclic” κύκλος) the sacred island Delos, where Gods Apollo and Artemis were born.

Cycladic civilization begins from the Bronze Age and it continues until the present day. It is considered one of the oldest civilizations on Earth. It is known for the Arts and Sciences that were created and were established in this part of Greece.

In this TV series, CYCLADIA connects nature’s beauty and intelligence, the charisma in human beings and the highest format of technology to serve humanity in a positive and fruitful way.

The main purpose of CYCLADIA is to remind people the importance and the power of knowledge through NATURE, ARTS and SCIENCES.

CYCLADIA is the world of the new era.

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Cartoon Next 2024

Originally conceived as a transmedia multiplatform IP.

We continue to grow.

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