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by Ekaterini Kakouri

Imagination comes first
and leaves last!

"Spring brings with it a white, furry creature to Phoebe’s farm. A little goat! Animals are troubled by the unexpected visit.

But, why? Not enough space for all? Or is it perhaps because it looks so different?

Whatever the answer is, the mysterious newcomer will change their lives forever."

Are you lost my little one?, a story by Ekaterini Kakouri.


Creating The




Phoebe! Her name is Hellenic and means the one who brings light. She is the only human character in the story and symbolizes our higher self. Adventurous, emotional, funny.

Alto! His name is Italian and means "tall". He has rich, natural and majestic characteristics, a kind and sensitive soul and a strong personality. He symbolizes our charisma and talents.

little goose

Little Goose

The little goose! The youngest character in the story. Playful, pure, courageous, friendly! It symbolizes the new generation, the new era, strength, purity, change. The name of the company Little Goose was inspired by it.


Nikiphoros, the baby goat

The Animals on the Farm

The little kid! His name is Nikiforos, it is Hellenic and means the one who leads to victory. The character has all the characteristics of a person with Down Syndrome. It symbolizes our inner strength and human need for acceptance, care and love.

Hens, geese and other animals complete the company of the story "Are you lost, my little one?". The different characters compose the social mosaic as they interact and influence the story. They symbolize the weakness in ourselves, our limited perceptions and lack of empathy.

Creating the Characters
Creating the Characters
Creating the Characters
Creating the Characters
Creating the Characters

Are You Lost
My Little One?

My name is Phoebe and from here on out, I will take care of you!
are you lost_3logos.jpg


Little Phoebe, a magical blend of happiness and wisdom, lives on a farm surrounded by her animals. Chickens and geese coexist harmonically, but how do they feel about someone who is… different?


Spring   comes   and   with   the   new   season,   a   life-   changing    experience. An adventurous one!


The sun rises and a loud whining startles little Phoebe. Outside chickens and geese are busy pecking at Alto, a proud black steed with powerful long legs. The animal is big and beautiful. It trots across the farm with majestic strides. Chickens and geese don’t like this. What they do like is to complain. About everything!


Alto lowers his head and sadly turns away from them. And that is when Phoebe steps in. She talks to the chickens, the geese, and the horse, and reminds them that although they are different, there is no reason they shouldn’t live in harmony and peace.


The quarrel has Phoebe pondering. She decides to go for a walk and takes the lengthy path that leads to the seaside.

And that is when she runs across a small furry goat. The animal stares at her with its wide, beautiful eyes. It is lost. It is so small it can barely walk. Phoebe picks it up and carries the little goat back to the farm, just in time to find shelter from a roaring thunderstorm. The little goat is clearly distressed by the drumming rain, but Phoebe manages to turn this event into a classical sonata, conducting an imaginary orchestra that turns the sound of raindrops into soothing music. The little goat can finally find peace and rest in its newfound haven.


The following morning, chickens and geese gather around to stare at the newcomer.   

 “Who is the little one?”  “Will it stay long?”


Summer steps in and provides all the answers. The little goat is sheltered and taken care of. It makes new friends, plays new games and learns to overcome the challenges that life brings. From here on, the farm becomes a joyful playground, with laughter and the pitter-patter of hooves- a common soundtrack in the sunny, endless afternoons.


That is until the little goose’s wing… breaks.

Advertising Strategy


Imagination, magic and purity lead humanity to its natural purpose: coexistence.

Target Audience

For children and adults aged 4 to 96 who love illustrated stories.


Human uniqueness, coexistence, acceptance, knowledge, care, love.


Adventure, fun and magic.  It helps people understand the world, their role in it and inspires them to coexist in a positive and constructive way.

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